Quality & productivity improvement

Five-day advance training for active trainers (with prior knowledge on cleaner production) to promote cleaner production in industry through better communication skills

Advance Train-the-Trainers on Cleaner Production
June 2011 – Aug 2011

One year training and is divided into 4 modules, each module consists of 3,5 day in class, 1 day on field and 1-2 day hand-on practice. More than that, a follow-up to support consultancy quality after one year is provided.

In depth training on Cleaner Production Consulting Skills
2008-2010 / 2009-2011 / 2010-2011

Designing and functioning a website to promote the implementation of National CP Strategy though local departments of industry and trade, industrial associations and other active stakeholders

Cleaner Production Website
2010 - 2011

Development of guidance to general audience on overall situation, production process, CP potential, its opportunities and how to apply cleaner production in studied sectors.

Sectoral cleaner production guidelines
2008 - 2011