Our Services

EPRO’s dedicated consultants can tailor and develop any project idea up to final implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

EPRO training is known by not only interactive in-classroom training with simulation game, role play, but also with useful field trip and hand-on training.

EPRO consultancy services to industry is well received due to its measurable achievements in production cost reduction and improvement of environmental performance.

EPRO services in information and communication are at national scale.

Since 2010, EPRO has focused its activities in environmental and energy services as cleaner production, energy efficiency, cleaner technology, environmental services, climate change and efficient management systems

Cleaner Production & Energy Efficiency

Cleaner Production and Energy Efficiency help companies not only reduce their production costs, but also improve their environmental performance.

EPRO provides practical training and/or consultancy on how to identify, evaluate and achieve the potential benefits.

EPRO helps build national capacity in training and consulting cleaner production-energy efficiency. National survey and information dissemination are also part of the activities.

Cleaner Technology

Accumulating knowhow and mastering cleaner technologies helps companies become much more competitive.

EPRO recommends and supports the transfer and management of best feasible cleaner technologies to the company’s financial resources.

Environmental Services

Environmental performance becomes more and more concern of industrial manufacturer.

EPRO provides services in information and communication to stakeholders so that the end-of-pipe treatment cost is at lowest.

Climate Change

Climate change is a concern of donors, government and local authorities. Industry is still at minimum level of awareness on its impact to climate change.

EPRO provides training and consultancy to help industries being aware and take action on climate change.

Efficiency Management System

Solving a specific problem may need several tools. Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, Productivity, Operation and many other improvement topics can be integrated in one management system consultancy.

EPRO makes it possible by providing interactive training and/or consultancy services to solve specific problems at corporate or operational level.